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Tumblr is very representative of youth culture, especially in America.

There are three irritating/destructive mentalities that come out especially clearly on tumblr:

1) You Are What You Eat

People who define themselves by the celebrities, shows, bands, and movies that they like. If a section that is supposed to describe you as a human being says “Dr. Who, Skins, Amanda Palmer, Harry Potter, James Franco,” there’s something wrong. Even if you like cool things.

2) I’m More Open-Minded Than You

People who

a. won’t shut up about causes. And it’s insincere. I’m a very liberal moderate, and I support all of the same things, but you can tell when someone just really wants everyone to know HOW MUCH they support gay marriage. This mentality has people thinking the right things for the wrong reasons.

b. pretend that they can see the hidden beauty in things that have absolutely no meaning. It’s the Emperor’s New Clothes. So many people will see something on their dashboard, not understand it, become insecure and believe that the person who posted it understands more than them, and then reblog it to pass that feeling on.

3) Flawed is Cool

“I don’t care about anything.” “Do me a favor? Go home and pretend you never met me.” Actual excerpts from tumblr bios. THOSE AREN’T GOOD QUALITIES, youth of America. I understand that you’ve been raised on media and literature that glorifies—even fetishizes—world-weariness and scars. The fact of the matter is, you are not bi-polar AND schizophrenic AND clinically depressed. In most cases, you are none of those things. You are a human being and it’s tough but most of us manage okay.

Nobody likes to admit that they are pretty blessed and that they have it much better than a lot of people. I’m sure you are suffering, but if you think you’re the only one suffering, then you’re a solipsistic idiot. What’s going to make you feel better is sharing the pleasures of life with other human beings, not trying to convince them you have it the worst, or that you are the most interesting because you have insomnia or Seasonal Affective Disorder. Everyone has trouble sleeping and everyone gets sad in the winter. The Holden Caulfield in your head isn’t what makes you unique, it’s what makes you immature. If you can shut him up, that’s when you’ll start feeling good about yourself.

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